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Global data
Maintain global data that can be used in any model that you create,  like calendars, cost pools, resources, processes, activities, cost objects, cost drivers, value classes and much more.
Define your model components only once and use them over and over again.
Also, define the companies you want to create one or more models for.

Cost pools
Aggregate cost accounts to cost pools in order to eliminate unnecessary details.
For dashboard P&L reporting purposes, define statement-lines by aggregating cost pools.
Use cost pool units with standard rates per unit in order to simplify phase 1 cost allocations.

Define as many models as you need and pick the components you need from the global data.
Define the causal relationships between the components by means of cost drivers and link the cost drivers to the applicable components.
Model your business processes within minutes.
Link models in a model hierarchy in order to split up the scope of your analysis and calculations.

Resource capacity
Maintain peak-, theoretical- and practical capacity per resource and maintain specific user-defined deductions.
Or let the application allocate capacity to resources automatically based on the use of cost pool units.
Set a minimum required capacity load per resource in order to compare with the real capacity usage.
Enter standard rates per capacity unit where applicable to be used in cost allocations.
Get insights in excess capacity or capacity shortages as well as the consequences on gross margins.

Cost and capacity calculations
Use the type of cost drivers that apply to your business.
Choose from a range of advanced "push" and "pull" techniques; from simple allocation methods to more sophisticated transaction-drivers or production batch (time-)drivers.
Or define your own detailed business-rules and assign them to drivers.
Multi-stage allocations.
Standard rates and calculated rates.
Calculations per year, period and value class.
Cost variation indices.
Selectively lock/unlock drivers.
Selectively lock/unlock capacity allocations.

Import and Export data
Use fast and easy import and export functions for feeding the application with external data and downloading data for specific purposes.
Open data model that allows for real-time integration with your BI or Data Warehouse solution.

View information on lowest level model components or on aggregated levels via object hierarchies.
Or get multi-dimensional data based on your specific requirements.
Retrieve information selectively: per period, year-to-period and up to 3 value classes simultaneously.
Use quantitative information, variances and charts.

Present your models and findings to others by using the rich visual capabilities of the Navigator, Dashboard and Simulator.

Email and share your information to others directly from any window or chart and add your comments.

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