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Add value to your business by using the following tools of our modeling application:
Screenshots Navigator

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Description Navigator5

Navigator - visualize and present your business models

- Highly interactive, intuitive and customizable graphical interface.
- Model and calculate your business processes and get insights into the costs and capacity flows.
- Open multiple views simultaneously and analyze your models from different points of view.
- Perform drill-downs and roll-ups and get insights in capacity, costs, performance and profitability.
- Use customizable reports to retrieve exactly the information you need.
- Identify problem areas and get insights in the root causes.
- Present your findings to others by utilizing advanced visual options.
Dashboard - monitor key performance issues
- Interactive customizable management dashboard.
- Specific sections for cost pools, resources, activities, cost objects and overall performance (P&L).
- Get aggregated quantitative and graphical info on costs, capacity and profitability.
- Get multi-dimensional information on resources (e.g. personnel, departments, machines/installations),
  processes, activities and cost objects (products, services, customers, sales-regions etc.)
Screenshots Dashboard
Simulator - perform instant simulations
- Perform instant simulations and "what-if" analysis and find out the impact on capacity, costs and profitability.
- Define and maintain as many scenarios as you need for simulations on any value class, within any (range of)
  period(s) .
- Shape the future by means of predictive analysis, not only showing the results of alternatives, but also why and
  what it takes to get there.
- Create high value information and opportunities to change your business and not just monitor it.

Screenshots Simulator: coming soon
Business Performance - Time-Driven Activity Based Costing
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